Extend the life of your hardwood floors

By following these 3 care tips, you can increase the life of your hardwood flooring:

#1 Avoid Pin-Point Pressure
Dents in hardwood flooring can occur from pressure that is not distributed across a wider area. Furniture legs and pencil thin high heels put all the pressure in one small area and can cause dents. To prevent dents, avoid wearing high heels on hardwood floors and use padding under furniture legs.

#2 Sweep & Vacuum Regularly

Dirt and dust can impact the finish of hardwood flooring. If dirt and dust are settled on the hardwoods, foot traffic will cause the finish/sheen of the hardwoods to become dull. Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping once a week can prevent damage to the finish of your hardwoods and increase the life of your flooring.

#3 Refinish Hardwood Floors Regularly

Hardwoods can last a lifetime but the finish can strip off over time. It is best to have your hardwoods refinished when you start noticing the finish fading. Having your existing hardwoods refinished is a great way to bring life back to your flooring without having to spend the money to replace the flooring.